Miller's Print & Mail, Inc.

Need help bringing your marketing ideas to life?  Let Miller’s Print & Mail, Inc. help you with targeting your market, graphic designs, postcards, brochures and much more.

If you have a mailing project, we can help you beginning with mail piece design all the way to post office delivery and beyond: mail tracking.  Select these services ala carte or let us complete your entire project.  Our one-stop services guarantee you will get your project in the mail quickly.


    Whether you have data that needs cleansed and standardized for mailing or you have some data where you need custom extractions, our data processing staff is up to the challenge.  In addition to mail sortation software, we offer solutions for converting complex data into printable statement and mailing information.


    Miller’s Print & Mail, Inc. Graphic Design Services are available for clients who need to have professionally designed media developed for their mail campaigns.

    Our graphic designers work with you to produce quality, postal compliant graphics, forms or any type of mail piece to maximize the impact your media has with your audience.

    Just need a minor change to your artwork or graphic design?  Miller’s Presort can provide this service too.

    If you are spending money on mailing and not getting the results you want, have Miller’s Presort graphic designers work with you to revamp your marketing materials to improve the impact and responsiveness of your message and images.

    In addition, by using state of the art, programmable cutters, your printed materials will be cut to exact specification every time.


    Your marketing and graphic design people will appreciate our 600 dpi ink jetting equipment: that’s because it allows a 5” wide print area–top to bottom– on your envelopes to print grey scale, variable copy and maps, permits, addresses, barcodes and other graphics all in one pass.

    There is nothing worse than putting a low resolution address on a quality designed mail piece.  Miller’s Presort has the only 600 dpi UV based ink-jetter in the area.  It prints on plastic, aqueous and other high gloss pieces at laser quality.

    If you are still using labels for mailing addresses you should talk to us today.  Unless you are using labels for a specific reason, labels are more expensive and do not have the professional impact our ink-jetter provides.

    Have your marketing department put us to the test.  We don’t charge any more for this inkjet quality, and we offer a better way to get more effective mailings by personalizing your envelopes at ink jet pricing.

    While ink-jetting addresses is the preferred method, there are times when nothing but an old fashioned label will do.  Miller’s can still provide both machine and hand labeling for those special occasions.


    Miller’s Print & Mail, Inc. has been designing, printing and mailing invoices, statements, collection letters, and renewal letters for utilities, banks, hospitals and municipalities for more than 25 years.  All data is received using the a secure FTP server that uses the latest data encryption.  We then match custom form and envelope design, with variable data manipulation to produce an effective and professional mail pieces.  Then we send the final product to our high speed color or B&W printers.  The final product is a professional and cost effective solution to your statement or invoicing needs.

    Once printing is completed, the final product is sent to our in-house letter shop where enclosure and preparation for mailing is completed.   As a value added feature we also have an in-house Presort department that will commingle your outgoing mail pieces with our other clients.  This commingling process allows Miller’s Presort to assure our customers that they’re receiving the very lowest postage available.  All of this is completed under one roof in a secure environment by some of the most experienced people in our business.

    If you already have a successful design, Miller’s Print & Mail, Inc. can work with your current design and also stock forms or additional inserts, so there is no delay in mailing.


    We have both standard folders and technologically advanced, in-line folding on our intelligent inserter.


    In keeping up with postal requirements for multiple tabs, Miller’s can apply up to four tabs in one pass.   While tabbing is the preferred method for keeping your folded mail piece closed, Miller’s can still apply glue to your mail piece for those special situations.


    Miller’s Print & Mail, Inc. takes the headache out of metering and mailing your mail daily.

    Our trucks or vans pick up your mail daily and do all the processing for you.  Our advanced reporting capabilities allow for departmentalization of postage.  Mail tracking is the best way to get additional value out of using our mailing services.  We offer a variety of services that can provide you with information back about how your mail was processed in-house and how your mail has been handled by the USPS.


    On those special mailings where an actual postage stamp is required, Miller’s will have no problem affixing your old-fashioned postage stamp to your mail pieces.


    Miller’s has a variety of inserters to meet your specific mailing needs, including the latest technology in Intelligent Inserting featuring Jet Vision technology. We can give you the ability to track when a specific mail piece was inserted.


    Miller’s offers both first class and standard class presorting.

    Every day at Miller’s large volumes of letter and flat mail are processed and delivered to the post office the same day. We at Miller’s pride ourselves on our commitment to same day processing where dictated by customer’s needs.

    Both letters and flats receive an Intelligent Mail Barcode, they are commingled with other customer mail and the pieces are presorted by zip code providing substantial postage savings to each customer.

Advantages Of Using Our Services

We have specialized in Print to Mail for the past 35 years, and we do it extremely well.  We charge you less than what it costs for you to do it yourself.  Printing and Mailing transactional mail, invoices, and statements can be expensive, and complex.  Let us help simplify the whole process.

  • You will save money on the cost of postage.
  • You will save time.
  • You will improve your cash flow.
  • You will avoid leasing commitments and investments.
  • You will improve your reporting and record keeping.
  • You will free up key staff members.
  • You will save space.
  • You will increase peace of mind.
  • You will increase accuracy.
  • You will increase efficiency.

Statements and Invoices, Mail Merge Letters, Collection Letters, Tax Bills & Notices, Jury Questionnaires and Notices,  Utility Billing, Newsletters, Fliers, Postcards, Booklets, and Programs.

EZ-Confirm Certified Mail Services – We Simplify Every Step of the Certified Mail Process.

Let us help you streamline your mail process and save you money.

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