Miller's Print & Mail, Inc.

We provide full in house Lettershop & Print capabilities to fully integrate production and postal services.  Having an extensive in house production capability enables us to effectively fullfill our client mailing needs.  We offer the highest quality services, at a lower cost.

If you have your mail piece already created, Miller’s Print & Mail, Inc. can print, fold, insert and affix postage to your mailings to save you time and money.

  • Laser Printing

    Combining data manipulation with outstanding black & white and four color printing allows you to personalize your collateral pieces, address them and mail them all under one roof.

    We can segment your data to print:
    + Personalized graphics on every piece
    + Personalized copy on every piece
    + Variable barcodes, numbering or other coding to track results
    + Presorted addressing for postal savings and enhanced delivery

    We have invested in Cannon Color Printers to bring you color and graphic detail as close to offset printing as you can get.  This workhorse printer can also do inline stapling to create short run, personalized booklets and catalogs of up to 24 pages.

  • Ink Jet Addressing

    When you want to make a professional statement on your direct mail piece, there’s nothing that will beat our Ink-Jet addressing Services.  The first step to creating a quality direct mail piece is to apply a quality address, and our Ink Jet addressing service will do just that. With 5” of available print space at 600 dpi for both text and gray scale graphics, your mail piece will stand out way above the others. We also employ Ultraviolet (UV) based addressing which assures that the printing adheres properly, and that the address quality is dark, thick, and extremely durable.

    If speed and quality are of the essence, we also offer our MEK based High Speed Addressing service with 3” of print space at 300 dpi. This system is also capable of printing just about any substrate including plastic and metal but at higher speeds than our UV system.

    Miller’s Print & Mail, Inc. is also very cost effective addressing solution. We are very aware that value is also a part of decision making process and we strive to keep our cost competitive with anyone else in the industry.

    Use our Ink Jet Addressing service and you’ll feel confident that your direct mail campaign is being mailed with speed, the highest quality look available, and that it will receive the attention it deserves from your customers and prospects.

  • How It Works

    We understand the challenges you face when producing a direct mail package. We have a complete mailing facility in house, allowing your project to be mailed immediately after printing, and we have knowledgeable team members to provide guidance along the way.
    + Secure Environment – only delivery zip code is captured.
    + Mail gets to its destination faster.
    + We will save you money!